iCatalog Home ISA Intermediate Information Systems Acquisition (Last ModifiedSep). apply · print · check. That course is in 2 parts, ACQ A & ACQ B. Part A is a CBT, part B you have to attend in-residence, it’s a week long. You have to do A before enrolling in . ACQ B prepares mid-level acquisition professionals to work effectively in integrated product teams by understanding systems acquisition.

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That’ll finish up my Level II requirements.

Defense Acquisition University – ACQ – Training and Certification – Federal Soup

Also, you already know you get three attempts to pass a test, and that each subsequent test only consists of similar questions to the one s you missed previously, so you kind of know where to focus your study efforts.

Tuesday, April 07, It’s been a while, but i found the acq in-residence courses to actually be a bit fun. You cannot reply to aacq in this forum. I completed A last year, am about to do part B.

Trust me, if I can do it, anybody can avq One thing you should know is that if you exhaust your three attempts to pass the test, you can send an email to you designated counselor, or whatever their title is, and they can grant you another try.


Saturday, October 17, 4: This page was generated in 0. I got through okay but this one is truly ne information and logic plays little role for me in processing the details. Previous Topic Next Topic. There are 2 tests. Looks like you really want a job. You have acw do A before enrolling in B.

I hope I can squeeze it in.

Here is a forum to ask questions about a particular program, to exchange insight on which is the right training, to share which certifications are the best to attain, to seek out what to do first, and to offer recommendations to others.

You cannot delete your posts in this forum. No real tough math, but some basic stuff using formulas. They really covered a lot of info in a short time 5 days but I think I learned a few things.

ACQ 201B – Intermediate Systems Acquisition

You cannot post new topics in this forum. It is a PITA. To read today’s 201w news stories on federal employee pay, benefits, retirement, job rights and other workplace issues visit FederalDaily. Thursday, April 09, 1: It will mean less to do later on, plus it looks good on your resume. In addition to the DAU courses, you have to spend 2 years on the job.

You cannot vote in polls in this forum. You cannot create polls in this forum. Truthfully there is more learning between class than in the actual instruction, but it’s still good.

  642 437 CVOICE PDF

Anybody passed successfully and willing to share their knowledge? With the right program and resource, you will be more productive and this will help you climb the career ladder.

Do you have any study tips for passin part A? As long as you apply yourself and listen in class and review the modules from ACQA you should be ok. ACQB the in-residence portion was not too bad. I am taking if because it is a prereq to PQM and I want more project management courses. I have a month left, so I better get a move-on.

Friday, October 16, The A part seem really dry at times 2201a I hope I can remember most of it. Also, take a calculator with you. Sunday, November 22, Training and Certification Whether 201 want to improve your skills, boost your resume or prepare for a new job opportunity, training and certification programs and resources can help you achieve your goals.

I wish you the best. It seems the acquisition jobs are tough CO can be sued for their actions and the pay is not that great for the responsibilities.