: Brzydula. Pamietnik (polish): Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Find great deals for Very Good Hardcover Brzydula Pamietnik Kaminska Julia. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Polski: KRAKÓW, POLSKA – LISTOPAD Julia Kamińska fanami w ramach promocji swojej książki „BrzydUla pamiętnik”, które odbyło się.

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Marek wants Ula to make a good impression at the debut of FD Sportivoso he gives her a beautiful dress. Violetta catches the eye of Artur, the photographer, and she hopes that he’ll make her the face of the new collection. It is possible that the series was given an open ending in order to save Oamitnik and Marek’s wedding for a possible sequel series.

Paulina renounces her friendship with Violetta. Violetta neglects to arrange the transfer, so Marek panics, knowing that the agreement will fall through if the Italians don’t receive their money the same day. At home, Ula’s brother Jasiek is in trouble because he got in a fight at school. Marek needs time to familiarize himself with Ula’s presentation, but Aleks vehemently denies his request to reschedule the meeting.

Ela brings Ula a horoscope prepared by her friend. Ula learns that Marek and Julia are not having an affair. Violetta wants to get back together with Sebastian, but she realizes that he has become interested in Ania, the receptionist. Unfortunately, Adam doesn’t give her the promised evidence against Aleks. Ula witnesses the kiss and decides not to go on the date she was supposed to have with Marek.

Ula discovers that Violetta’s friend Goska has shown up, impersonating Violetta.

Brzydula Pamietnik: Julia Kaminska: : Books

Marek goes to the airport to pick up his parents. They try to set up a meeting with Michal, but they discover that he is gone. Violetta pamitnuk Sebastian flirting with the receptionist.


Paulina tries to get Ula’s name removed from the guest list for the FD Sportivo show, because she thinks that Ula’s presence will hurt the company’s image. Unfortunately, Rafal is clearly disappointed when he sees Ula.

Ula shows Krzysztof her own idea on how to get the company out of its current crisis, but he forces her to sign Aleks’s agreement. Replaced Ania as receptionist after she was promoted to be Ula’s secretary. In the morning, the two realize that they don’t have anything to deliver to Marek because Maciek has convinced Ula not to do their work for them.

Because of the possible trouble Domi could cause for Marek, Ula is ,amiska that it would keep Marek out of trouble if Domi were to be given a contract to be the face of FD Sportivobut pamitjik her surprise, Marek wants to support Violetta’s candidacy for the job, even though Paulina and Pshemko want Domi. Someone fills Ula’s office with rose petals and she is convinced that it was Piotr, but he knows nothing about it.

She asks Iza if there are things that a woman can do to help in conceiving a child. Ula and Piotr become friends and he is soon visited by a woman whom he says is his wife. He wants to show her evidence that Aleks seeks to take over the company.

Marek learns that Krzysztof had to undergo heart surgery in a foreign clinic. Kinga’s father brings the police to the Cieplak home to get his daughter, but it turns out that Kinga is legally old enough to leave home without her father’s permission. Paulina expects to have a romantic dinner with Marek on Valentine’s Day, but Marek doesn’t know how he can avoid spending the evening with Ula without hurting Ula’s feelings.

Ula tries to prepare a new collection without Pshemko. Ula and some of the other employees volunteer to model the clothes. Marek then takes advantage of the situation to announce that he intends to marry Paulina. Marek will have to pay a second installment, but the company currently does not have the funds. Violetta is unhappy about seeing that Maciek is dating Ania.


Ula reasons that if Paulina becomes involved with Lev, a big obstacles between her and Marek would be eliminated. Violetta hasn’t been coming to work and hasn’t been answering her phone, so Ula gets an idea to contact her through a dating service that Violetta uses. After work, Marek drives Ula home, but before she gets out of the car they kiss. Aleks tells Adam to get some compromising photos of Marek. I Ula wie o tym. Julelalo’s profile on the ultimate music lovers of online.

Marek returns from Italy and everyone congratulates him on his successful negotiaion. Paulina promises Violetta that she will help motivate Sebastian to take responsibility for his unborn child. Edyta added it Oct 05, It turns out that something happened between Jasiek and Magda during their trip to South Africa.

Brzydula. Pamiętnik

The next day, when Maciek julla to visit Ula at the office, she is terrified that her lie will be exposed, but only Ala guesses the truth, and she promises Ula that she will keep her secret.

Marek promises his father that if he is unable to prevent Pshemko from quitting, he will resign from the presidency. The woman begs Violetta kamiskka to break up her family. Ela tries to set Ula up on a date with Rafal, a friend of the photographer, Artur. Jasiek and Magda return from South Africa and Jasiek’s friend Robson asks Magda to go with him to the prom, but Pamutnik strongly opposes this. To get revenge, Violetta forwards the text of Marek and Dariusz’s new agreement to Aleks.