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Always save a copy of your work on your computer. Compare Contrast Bluebirds with another bird.

Ms. Houghton’s BTT Page

How many are credited to the Bard? Amphibians – Frayer facts model – doc pdf. Trees lineage activity Tree Mapping activity. Birds – learn about cohpra feathered friends. Computer based Activities index has its own page. Revolutionary War on Wednesday – literature internet hunt. Use the Shakespeare Timeline to ascertain the following: Butterfly and Moth facts exxt utd Part 2.

Suppose you have a Shakespearean quote. You will harness powerful web site tools like databases to obtain fresh information. As I work on the web, I come across hundreds of remarkable web sites.


Shakespearean Internet Hunt

Or perhaps you have the resources to record verbal answers. December Holidays Internet Hunt.

You can easily adjust your view of the text on a page. Tell the story of Polly Cooper and George Washington. Enter your name and the date, in the header of the document.


Look for this feature on other browsers so you can make your view. Conversely, if you think it is too big do the same, but choose smaller or Mac. Consider the following quotes from the Bard. Educators and individuals may print a hunt, for use in a classroom setting.

Write each quote’s contemporary form. Describe the political climate in England during the time Shakespeare was writing. Save frequently as you work. In what work edt he write “Sell when you can; you are not for all markets. You will use this data to answer challenging, thinking required questions. That is noted on the individual works. Take this virtual tour of the Globe Theatre. William Shakespeare lived during the Renaissance. Look at the bottom of a page to find the notice of copyright.

  IEC 60651 PDF

What is the last line on his tombstone? A mind stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions. Paste it in a word processing document. Compare or contrast it with your school’s auditorium or a local professional theater.

Utilize your online research skills to obtain the answer. I continue to retain a full copyright protection on the majority of my work. I have collected some of them in these links.

You need to find out in which work he said it. Sagan – Reflect on this mote of dust essay. OR Use cohroa printer friendly worksheets.

Romeo Vs – Flight Tree Facts Internet Activity – Leaf it to me! The challenge is to find them.

Oviparous Frayer worksheet doc pdf.