The Small ball poker strategy is often credited to poker pro Daniel Negreanu and can be affectively used in the early stages of No Limit Texas Holdem. Premium hands are simply few and far between when large pots are at stake. Tournaments are won by aggressively going after smaller pots. The first thing you’ll notice when you watch a player who uses the small ball approach is that he appears to be in total control of the table, yet at.

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September 23rd,1: I am not saying that the majority of your profit will ever come from small pots in either format ngreanu, perhaps, if you are in an ideal nefreanu late in a tournament, with a big stack and a tight table.

Chris Ferguson, uses the saying, “only play monster pots when you have a montster hand” or something like that. I watched the vid’s and tried it out but it didn’t feel right for me Small ball poker benefits from players who call you down with mediocre hands because they do not give you credit for holding a strong hand.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Pots below this size commonly have a negligible effect on a cash game winrate. In my limited experience, they mostly fold straight away or fold to the c-bet. If you just call then your opponent could feasibly put you on a Queen, an Eight, a mid-pair, a flush draw or even a gutshot straight draw. Asking how many players in a tourney are likely to be using “small ball” conflicts with some fundamental realities: If you are going to enter a pot by raising with a less than a premium hand, then it is important that the hand you raise with has some kind of potential.


Small Ball Poker

However, as most of the pro say, it is better to win a small pot than lose a big one. January 1st, This is sometimes a huge pot as my hand is disguised. I also do negrwanu with poker books I read, at first some is too advanced. Page 1 of 2.

texas hold em – Is Small Ball Poker In Cash Games A Good Strategy? – Poker Stack Exchange

Your second question suggests an assumption you might wish to reconsider. It goes into a lot of concepts that really are not talked about much in other books.

Or would that be difficult? Interesting video’s but I have a couple of questions. Netreanu a tournament a chip you lose is worth more than a chip you win.

How to Play Small-ball Poker

Therefore you should receive more action from opponents when you do have a big hand because they neggreanu perceive you as a loose aggressive player, and may feel that you are more likely to try and bluff them out of the pot.

Furthermore, the usual lack of antes make the pots small relative to your small neggeanu raise. I saw these videos and started playing small ball about 2 months enough about how much my game has improved. I believe that amateur players who attempt to emulate small ball poker will get themselves in to tricky situations. Considering most game dynamics in cash games, I advocate playing slightly larger than small-ball, and don’t overdo the aggression.

What works negrwanu Daniel is not going to work for everyone. I’m not comparing them in terms of other pots. By contrast, in cash games you are much more likely to play a large number of hands against the same opponents.

That is going to depend on WAY too many factors to address in any meaningful way, and even if it were addressed completely, it would change in few months as players learn new strategies and incorporate new adjustments.


I find that when they call and I have hit something, I am usually ahead and take the pot. The long version Almost all things in poker come down to frequencies.

It’s easy to call it balance.

Another key point to playing nefreanu small ball poker is starting hand selection. You definitely need a good post-flop game to be able to play small ball poker or should I just say LAG? Although it’s useful to know who’s scared of losing and who isn’t at any table type, the result is definitive in a tournament. This guy “Cole” seems to be on the verge of being a pro but comes off as sharp as a bag of wet mice and as interesting as paint drying.

I am of the opinion that learning new techniques and strategies only helps your game when it does not distract you from your strengths. Up your game with free cardschat membership. Small ball works for Daniel Negreanu smakl he is Daniel Negreanu. And how can you start using small-ball poker strategies in your Texas Hold’em game today? Chad 1 5 From my experience, there are better ways to crush poker than using a small ball strategy in a cash game.

This makes stealing much more expensive and therefore small ball less viable but not necessarily completely unviable. Secondly, by just calling you can keep your range wide. How many players could you potentially expect in a tournament to also be using this same strategy? Although we are raising with less than premium hands, it does not necessarily mean that are trying to take down the blinds alone on every hand. This has some advantages to raising.

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