The Major Sins [Imam Shams Ad-Din Adh-Dhahabi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The major sins are those acts which have been. MAJOR SINS By Imam Shamsu ed-Deen Dhahabi Edited By TheVista Major Sins Imam Shamsu ed-Deen Dhahabi Distributed by: Based on ad-Dhahabi’s famous work and The Path to Paradise by i, Trans. By J. Zarabozo [IANA books (4)]. 1. Associating partners with Allah (Shirk).

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It is likely to be classified as weak.

Major sins

Grant us health and pardon in this world and the next. The Prophet asked, “Who are they, Gabriel? So, it dips him into the Fire. His family was of Turkmen descent, originally lived in Mayyafariqin, northeast of Diyar bakr. No, not even with a cry from childbirth.

May Allah bless the Messenger, Muhammed and give him peace upon whom Allah revealed the surah of Qaf. But whoever gave up it out of fear from Me, I would give him drink from the yards of the shrine with the best fellow of drinking. Withholding Excess Water From Others H said, “To kill child lest he feeds with you.

Dhahabi I did not criticize or verify the narratives and maxims mentioned in the book which contradict clear sacred texts. Allah cursed wine and he who drinks it. Sufyan said, “Get him out because when ever I see a woman I see dhahabu Devil but whenever I see a handsome boy I see a group of devils. At once, he turned away from swearing and admitted the claimant’s right to the estate. Dhahai case it leads to the negligence of prayer on time or includes betting, it is strictly forbidden.

By the oppressors assistants are, even those who buy needles and thread. Because hashish is solid the dhahabbi are najor unanimous as to whether it is filthy or not.

The reason was that Allah was angry with them and always mentions whoever invokes Him. Sahih; Sunan ibn Majah. Putting pictures of beings with souls on clothing, curtains, rocks and any other items.


As a result, she fell and her jug broke. Whoever gives a just measure, lie will be rewarded in full. May Allah count you and us among the devout and obedient people and let us be protected from the wrongdoing. He started to instruct the deceased the testification of Faith, ‘there is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Majoe of Allah.

Therefore, he will be well-identified. The magian sent his ladies to bring her and daughters home. Islamic Books Authors Categories Sitemap. As I verified the text, documented 1 the hadiths and maxims, and elaborated on the difficult words.

Meanwhile, I heard a sound of distress. Wine is also most abominated as it often leads to disagreement and fighting and they in turn take the Muslim away of Prayer and remembrance of Allah.

As soon as the child had attained the highest level of refinement and education, the instructor brought him only to harshly beat him for no reason. Siins is as filthy as wine and this is the correct point of view. So as to intercede for him before Allah since he treated me kindly and honored me. If they buy and press it they will be cursed twice and if they pour it for another they will be cursed 1 Reported by Ibn Hajar Ai l laithami in Majma’ Al-Zawa’id.

Therefore they are like a single person. Thereupon he said to that man, “Do not swear by other than Allah for I have received the Prophet’s words which concluded, “Whosoever swears by other than Allah has indeed fhahabi in Allah and ascribed partners to Him.

The grave was full Reported by Bukhari. They will call upon Allah, “0 Lord were we entered into the Hell-Fire before seeing what You have prepared for Your Friends, it would have been better.

Major sins – English – Shams Aldeen AlThahabee

Feeling Secure From Allah’s Devising I was actually absent when my hut was destroyed but You are never absent! It is mentioned that Ibn ‘Abbas was appointed as the guardian of the property of an orphan. By Allah, if Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad committed theft, Muhammad would have cut off her hand! Whoever disposes something of Muslims affairs and screens himself by adopting a porter away from their need and poverty, Allah will screen Himself away of his need and poverty.


It was reported that the Prophet pbuh said, “Satan Iblis often sends his soldiers every where in the earth saying to them, ‘Whoever diverts a Muslim I will crown him.

Therefore, they were turned into monkeys and pigs. Having stood on Arafat, he returned to Mecca to find that the man was dead.


Therefore, I performed dry ablution Tayamum and led my companions in the Dawn Prayer. I honored him and tried to leave but someone called me saying, “would you like to know why he was honored?

It is being absolutely certain that whoever ascribes associates to Allah and dies in such a state is one of Hell’s inhabitants, just as whoever believes in Allah and dies as a believer is one of the inhabitants of Paradise, even if be should be punished first. Intending the loan, fulfilling his own needs without excess, taking the wage of disposing or improving the orphan’s business or intending to return what he takes out of need, if he becomes prosperous.

Let not your riches or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah, if any act thus, surely they are the losers. Then, the man got up sadly for repelling the woman.