The Grapho-Deck® Handwriting Analysis Trait Cards, Your complete handwriting analysis resource: free handwriting analysis trait dictionary, handwriting of. Handwriting analysis app for android phone. The Grapho-Deck by Bart Baggett. The Grapho-Deck handwriting trait cards by Bart A. Baggett,

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The Grapho-Deck® Trait Cards

Or get the Handwriting Starter Kit 6 items for just a few dollars more and even download the Grapho-Deck Flash cards today, from the online site Attention Professionals and Trainers: For information about using our Secure On-line Ordering System, shipping, international orders, and alternative ordering methods, please read additional order information. Click here to order via our Secure On-line Shopping Cart.

It is not only very accurate and revealing, it is a whole lot of fun! Just by comparing anyone’s writing to the sample on the card, you get a snapshot of the true personality in seconds!


These cards are printed in the USA and shipped worldwide. This is the perfect companion to the Deco and makes a great gift with the Deck.

Your deck is an incredibly well designed product that gives the students a practical tool they can begin using right away. They’re always amazed at how easy the deck is to use and how quickly they can learn the basics.

Did you know there is a 5 Pack Gift Option? What is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate method for discovering someone’s true personality? Can you imagine an entire Trait Dictionary yrapho fits in the palm of your hand?

Description The original Grapho-Deck Handwriting Flash Cards –

Online Handwriting Membership Training Course. We refer to the cards extensively during class, and their assignment for the week between the two sessions is to use the cards to analyze one of the samples provided in the first session.

The grapho-deck is a required resource in my 6 hour ‘introduction’ class which meets for 2 separate evenings a week apart. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse But, before you order the cards, did you garpho they come as part of the Handwriting Starter kit?


Plus, at the same time they are learning the traits, they are also beginning to learn how to do a simple analysis.

Read about it before you order. You can even order in bulk 12 decks to a package and resell them or give them as gifts. Thank you for a great product at a wonderfully inexpensive price!! It feels like magic, it strikes the chord of everyone’s innate curiosity about themselves and each other New Handwriting Experts Nationwide.

Wholesale Prices available when you buy by the dozen. More Comments and Testimonials. You may also place your order online or by calling our international headquarters at