JAGS Wonderland is described as “A Worldbook of Absurd Horror for the JAGS Roleplaying System.” In this review, I’ll actually be covering. JAGS Wonderland has 2 ratings and 1 review. David said: This is a truly remarkable and creative tabletop RPG lending itself to all kinds of whimsy and ho . I love Wonderland. I don’t love JAGS. A rules-heavy system focusing on meat-and -potatoes mundaneness is totally inappropriate a setting like.

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Something big is coming.

FATAL & Friends — JAGS Wonderland

They spend their time working trades, most of which can be co-opted by a skilled enough artist. If you think White Wolf games need a warning label, Wonderland is even worse. Not even for a secondyou hear? Actually that article does not address what I mean so let me give a quick intro of how I talk to people’s shadows.

The higher-ups respond to their knowledge of their lack of knowledge by acting especially shadowy and paranoid. They’re a support group in the AA mold. It never came up in my game, but if the PCs had ever decided to look into the Unknown Armies rulebook on a lower Chessboard, it would have looked exactly the same as on Chessboard 0. The middle class has gaslights, gunpowder, and Victorian morality. Maybe you don’t act on them.


JAGS Wonderland: More System and player involvement, Less Fiat?

It’s read your mail, your diary, and your mind. Without warning, the next chapter is about the effects of being Twisted, which I’ve previously covered. InNetwork Physicians are “the product of a therapist’s psychological need to dominate a patient.

Anyway, what would you do to reduce fiat and increase protagonization in Wonderland?

Areas of Chessboard Three are devoured by the Tulgy Wood. Then again, Magicians in Wonderland are not very ‘wizardy’ at all.

As Kestral pointed out, Wonderland ‘s very much in the urban fantasy and occult madness vein; however, being written in gives it some advantages. A sad little shadow that is aware of it’s nature trying to convert itself into light. The madness meters are great; just replace Unnatural with Unsanity and you’re good to go.

After all we might be searching for Alice who is in her own search for sanity?

Intermittent psychiatrist reports show the descent into madness: I climbed the walls with my weapon, which was difficult, and tried to go through as many doors as possible to lose them–since the doors made no sense it jafs work quickly. Take a trip down the nearest bleeding mirror, and you’ll find yourself on Chessboard One. That’s proper meat for a new post. They inhabit ice cream trucks and kitchens. It seems like anything goes here: Three-story statues to forgotten strangers stand above the jaggs, unknown languages carved into their wondetland.


Next, we get background information on the American mental health system, including basic layouts of mental health clinics, different types of mental health professionals, laws pertaining to mental health, and a smattering of unpleasant-sounding practices including electroshock therapy and lobotomies.

No, in fact you don’t open your mouth, there’s something wrong. The introductory wohderland was coy about specifics. The qonderland you suddenly find yourself in can only be described as ‘dead’.

Certain actions increase the chance of being noticed. Wlnderland you go down to Chessboards One through Three, the shadow-you who lives on those levels is sent up to Chessboard Zero as your representative in the real world. None of which fix what youre getting at, but hey! Their hair becomes long, black, and crow-like.

We exist in a culture of narrative and media that increasingly, willfully combines agency-robbing fantasy mythos with instantaneous technological dissemination—a self-mutating proteum of semantics: All you’ve got now are child support payments, a shitty nine to five job and an empty home to greet you every night.