We all have different personality types. Are you a lion, otter, golden retriever or beaver? Take the test to discover your personality type. How this works is you pick the answer that best describes you, here we go! ( There is no question .) Likes authority. Sensitive Feelings. 5 minute personality test by Dr Gary Smalley He brings up the “Lion – Beaver – Otter – Golden Retriever” personality test created by Dr Gary.

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Personality test: Lion – Beaver – Otter – Golden Retriever – thaoski’s blog : thaoski’s blog

Golden Retrievers are introverts who enjoy peace and quiet. He named these the four humors, and they were based on our personality traits.

August 22, at 2: Beavers do not like sudden changes. Powerful, Popular, Peaceful, and Perfect. They would rather have a long, quiet conversation with one intelligent person than a short, meaningless conversation with a bunch of loud idiots.

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May 8, at 1: Retgiever think beaver came up last for everyone of my answers: September 18, at 5: Golden retriever was 29 and Otter was 30 and I am currently sitting in my very messy room!

The lion is good at making decisions and is very goal-oriented. July 23, at 9: They look for security.

The Compatible Battle : Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, or Beaver?

Beavers are typically what adults especially teachers and parents would call the perfect person. I got 27, 15, 24, They are kind and loving to anyone and everyone and can fit into any situation. This history data should include the name of some details about the publication, the guide and a record of matter information about the author and also the purpose of the tet. Unrealistic expectations of self Compares themselves to others Prone to depression Easily hurt Difficulty being flexible Difficulty expressing retrievdr Antisocial.

Personality test

How to get it? They need everything to be done perfectly and are obsessed with small details. Shy is not in their vocabulary. Alternatively, it may mean you have learned to thoughtfully understand both other people and yourself, and learned to be a balanced person, and a key member of the group.


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So here is the test thanks to Sage Strategies. Consequently, we will be providing you for producing training documents with some crucial tips.

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November 12, at 7: September 15, at September 24, at 9: But the lovely thing is he pointed out itter creating and showcasing love stories is so inline with my golden retriever — otter personality.